Meet Our Visionaries

Behind SUYEI is a team of visionary professionals, each contributing a unique perspective and skill set. From seasoned strategists to creative minds, we unite in our passion for empowering businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive world.
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Our Mission

Strategic Ingenuity: At SUYEI, strategy is our heartbeat. We craft bespoke lead generation solutions tailored to your business, ensuring that every campaign is a step towards achieving your objectives. Innovative Technologies: Embracing the latest technologies, we infuse innovation into every aspect of our services. From AI-driven insights to cutting- edge tools, we stay ahead of the curve to position your business for success. Client-Centric Focus: Your success is our priority. We immerse ourselves in your brand, becoming an extension of your team. Our client-centric approach fosters collaboration, transparency, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Our Leadership

John David


his visionary leadership shapes our trajectory, fostering innovation and growth. A strategic architect, he navigates challenges, driving impactful decisions. With unwavering dedication, he empowers teams, embodying integrity and driving our company to unparalleled success.

Smith John


The Co-Founder, a visionary architect, coalesces dreams into reality. With entrepreneurial fervor, they sow the seeds of innovation, nurturing a company’s inception. Their pioneering spirit breeds resilience, steering through challenges, and sculpting the foundational ethos. Together, they catalyze a legacy, shaping industries with their shared vision and unwavering dedication.

Lord Mike

Marketing Specialist

The Marketing Specialist orchestrates our brand’s narrative, wielding creativity and strategy. A virtuoso in crafting campaigns, they navigate trends, amplifying our presence across diverse platforms. With analytical prowess, they sculpt impactful messages, fostering connections and propelling our brand to new heights.

Herry Lee

Business Analytics

Business Analytics harnesses data alchemy, transforming raw information into actionable insights. It deciphers trends, optimizing strategies and decision-making. Through statistical wizardry, it unveils opportunities, empowering informed choices for efficiency and growth, serving as the compass guiding businesses toward success in the dynamic landscape of commerce.

MG Que


The CFO is the financial maestro, orchestrating fiscal harmony within organizations. Their strategic acumen conducts financial symphonies, balancing risk and growth. With a baton of fiscal prudence, they harmonize budgets, forecasting, and investments, orchestrating a symphony of stability and prosperity for the company’s future.

Rose Hue

Sr. Business Analytics

The Senior Business Analytics role navigates complex data landscapes, orchestrating insights that redefine strategy. With seasoned expertise, they decode trends, forecasting industry shifts and catalyzing innovation. Their leadership steers analytical methodologies, illuminating pathways to operational excellence, setting the pace for informed decisions driving unparalleled business growth.

Some of Our Clients

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